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Copper is a sweet guy with a sad story. Copper lived his life in an outdoor pen with another (dominate) dog. Copper’s owner didn’t always take very good care of the dogs, and the neighbors frequently fed them. Finally, the authorities intervened and took the dogs out of their miserable “home”.

Which brings us to Copper. Copper isn’t holding any grudges, and he’s enjoying being an indoor dog! He’s very sweet and gentle and just wants to stay close to humans. His foster says he’s a big cuddle-bug! We think Copper is a lab mix, around 7 years old. He’s now neutered, and up-to-date on shots. Copper does well walking on a leash. He’s a medium-energy dog, who mostly enjoys being a couch potato at home. Copper gets along with other calm dogs, and seems to just ignore cats. Copper gets nervous if he's left alone for more than a few hours, so we’re looking for a home where Copper won't be alone all day. His perfect home would be a low-traffic home with regular routines and few surprises. Look at that beautiful, kind face. Can you give Copper his happy ending?  Submit an application - we can’t wait to get Copper settled in his forever home!


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