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Are you looking for a very chill husky? A super sweet husky? An incredible beautiful husky? Our Maverick is the dog for you! Look at those eyes!!

Maverick, a beautiful husky mix is seven years young. He came to us from CHS. He was surrendered because he was overweight and needed help. At one time he weighed 120 pounds. Now, with the correct diet and exercise, he is down to 83 pounds! His vet says he has 10 pounds to go. This boy has worked very hard in his weight loss program. Unfortunately, due to his past excessive weight and lack of exercise, his joints may never be the same. He will need someone willing to keep him on his healthy dog food diet and joint supplements for life. He will also need a family to keep him exercising daily. Like most of us, he wants to be a total couch potato! Maverick needs daily walks and a backyard to explore. No different than any other pup. As you can imagine, a home without steps or a few steps would be best.

Our Mav is a joy to be around! He LOVES all people and furry friends! His happy smile and beautiful blue eyes say so much. We see the youthful dog that wants to run and play but his body needs to take it slow.

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