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Hi! I’m Rylee, and I’m looking for a family!

I’d LOVE to have my own kids to run around with and people to hang out with all day long! (I love people!) I’m happy and fun and like my humans that way too! I wouldn’t mind a mellow dog-friend - and cats, well, they don’t really bother me, but no promises about becoming BFFs…

Okay, more about me:  I’m a mini-Labradoodle, which means I don’t shed much, but I do need a spa day every couple of months. (Don’t we all?) I’m six-years-old, a perfect age if you ask me. I don’t chew on things I’m not supposed to, I have excellent house manners, and I’m energetic and love to play with toys and go on walks.

This is kind of personal, but I weigh 27 pounds and I’ve had all my shots and stuff. I’m a very healthy girl!

Do you want to be my family? You’ll need to fill out this form thing, because I heard these rescue people say they’re going to be VERY picky about my new home. Well, thanks for listening, I think I hear the food bag rustling…

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