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Sebastian might be one of the most content and low maintenance dogs we’ve ever crossed paths with! Sebastian is good with kids, other dogs and cats. He’s healthy, kennel trained and has zero behavioral concerns, so he’s basically a UNICORN in the rescue world! He’s 8-9 years old and has been waiting to find the right home for more than a year now. Sebastian is a coonhound and the scars on his nose show that, given the chance, he’ll do what he was born to do. So we’d prefer a raccoon-free home for Sebastian! Ha!! We’d also prefer a fence to keep him from roaming, but Sebastian loves to lay in the sun, so an outdoor option would be swell.

Just look at the sweetness in his eyes… he won’t ask for much! If you’d like to be the one spoiling Sebastian for his golden years, just put in an application today.

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