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Brownie's Happy Ending

Brownie's Happy Ending

Remember Brownie? He’s the cute cocker spaniel we’ve had posted on our site for well for more than a year now. We received lots of inquiries and applications over a period of many months, but most were not able to accommodate his special needs.

Based on his foster experiences, we knew two things: Brownie needed to be an only dog and he could not safely live with small children. We also felt he would do best in a low traffic home with a patient person who could read dog body language and was willing to leave him alone when he was in one of his moods. Well, let’s just say we found “all of that and a bag of chips!”

We know there are lots of great homes out there, but in order for Brownie to be successful and live his best life, we had to find the right one FOR HIM! He didn’t get to pick his own home, but we did ‘listen’ to him and we’re pretty sure we nailed it.

And after more than a month of checking on Brownie, his new people insist that we “can’t have him back!”

Brownie is Home! And we could not be happier!!!


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