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Choo Choo's Story

When we first heard about this little female dachshund named Choo Choo, we didn’t realize how bad she would need us, but we’re glad her veterinarian knew. Actually, most dogs in the early stages of diabetes need special care and a small percentage of owners are just not equipped to help their dogs after this diagnosis. Such was the case with Choo Choo’s owner, who was already in assisted living herself. Shortly after she was determined to have diabetes, her person took a bad fall and ended up hospitalized. That’s when the owner’s son decided Choo Choo needed more care than his mother could provide and asked the vet for help.

Dr. Carrie Frey at Nebraska Animal Medical Center referred him to Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue. After several days of supervised care and attempts to get her glucose regulated, Choo Choo is now in the hands of our amazing foster team! The FreeStyle Libre system is helping us decide how many units of insulin she needs. Thankfully, Choo Choo has been a very resilient dog and gets along with others in the foster homes where she is receiving individualized attention. Choo Choo is a senior and will be available to adoption at some point, but for now, would you all consider making a donation to help us with her care?

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