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Davis and Kershaw's Happy Ending

Davis and Kershaw's Adoption Story

My husband, Zach Dalton, reached out a couple of weeks ago for some pictures of a dog that I adopted in 2012. He was named Luigi at that time (now Davis) and Karl was kind enough to get those over to him and I just wanted to reach out and give a little update on him and the other dog we adopted from NNKCR in 2013. It sounds like our other dog went by many names in the two years before we got him, but I believe he was named Tater Tot immediately before we got him. His name is now Kershaw.

I’ve had Davis for almost 11 years, and Kershaw for 10 years this October. They are truly best friends and spend all their time together. So much has changed in their lives since we brought them home. I remember concerns being brought up during the interview process on if Kershaw would be able to handle it if we had children because his personality can be very aggressive and he is a very protective dog. I am happy to report that we have two children, aged 7 and 3, and Kershaw loves them. He is extremely protective still, especially when they were babies, but he has done wonders with them overall. He is still the same dog as far as being scared of new people and overly protective of me, but I truly believe he just needed to be in the right environment to be successful and we’re lucky enough that we found each other and were able to give him that.

Davis is unfortunately at the end of his life and that is why Zach reached out to have those early pictures. He has Myxomatous mitral valve disease and it’s caused congestive heart failure. His vet estimates he has about 6 months or so before his heart gives out. He is on a medication regimen and even has his own cardiologist. He is still the same dog he’s always been and has been hanging in there. Per my son’s request, we’ve started celebrating his birthday monthly so we can have as much fun as possible before the end of his life. It’s definitely been a hard process but it’s been so nice to have time to spoil him and enjoy him rather than it being something sudden.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you do. Both of these dogs have been such special additions to our family, each with their own quirks and personalities. The work you do is so important and I’m so thankful for it. I can’t imagine this last decade of my life without both of these dogs. They’ve both had wonderful outcomes and good lives and that is directly related to the work you do to place them.


Thanks again,

Heather Dalton

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