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Hattie's Happy Ending

This is Hattie’s story… her journey and her happy ending!

Two years ago, Hattie was found wandering in the country. She was picked up by a concerned citizen and taken to Capital Humane Society. CHS soon found that she was ill and needed more time and care. Enter Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue and our foster Karen with her husky Ailen. Karen and Aelin took Hattie home and settled in. We knew there were some things going on with Hattie’s liver, but we didn’t quite know what. Dr. Emily Kerl at Ehlers Animal Care soon found out Hattie had what is called a liver shunt. She would soon become a vegetarian dog as meat proteins were not good for her and she would need expensive meds for the rest of her life.

Another strike for Hattie was that she had some challenging behaviors. She was scared of anything outside of her home and losing sight of her person or her fur sister. Thanks to trainers Melissa Ripley and Katy Rawhouser and her foster Karen, Hattie entered intense training. After 6 months, Hattie was still scared, but able to manage her emotions much better. She also joined play group at Paws 4 Fun a few days a week to help overcome her fears.

Over the next 18 months, adopters came and went, but none of them seemed to stick. 

Then Andrea saw her photo and had to meet Hattie. That meeting led to a sleepover. With the help of her trainer and her foster mom, all bumps in the road were addressed and resolved. They were just part of Hattie. Andrea didn’t mind her issues and they were not as big as her positives. Hattie is a love, Hattie is a cuddler, Hattie is a TV watching pal, Hattie is a walking buddy, and Hattie is a bed hog. Most of all, Hattie is HOME!! Another fun twist is that whenever Hattie needs a place to stay, she goes back to her foster family. Karen and Aelin are still a big part of Hattie’s life!

There are so many to thank for Hattie’s happy ending, but the donors to NNKCR made it financially possible. We could not have helped Hattie with training, with play group or all of her medical needs without your help. Hattie’s very happy ending came from all of the volunteers and YOU, our donors!

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