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Don’t be fooled by these big brown eyes! This little fella will need a strong leader capable of providing structure and rules.

Brownie is a neutered male cocker spaniel in need of an only-dog home with no children. He is super soft, cute and smart, but requires a very structured environment for training. At 20 months old, Brownie is high energy, dribbles when excited (so he wears a belly band at times) and wants to be top dog. He can snap when he’s not running the show and will need an experienced leader to show him a better way to live. Brownie walks well on leash and has shown improvement on entering his kennel where he can stay without accidents for reasonable amounts of time. We will pay for a trainer, so Lincoln home preferred, but others will be considered.

No children and no other pets, please! We’d prefer a privacy fence due to his nippiness with kids. He is very loving most of the time, but he needs boundaries and someone who will follow our instructions. No exceptions! If you can provide Brownie with consistent structure, complete an adoption application. If you have questions, email us at:


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