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Presenting Buster the Beagle! Buster is a sweet senior looking for a retirement home. Through no fault of his own, Buster was dropped off at a local shelter. At 12 years of age, that had to be a big shock for this boy! Luckily, Buster is a resilient guy – after spending a few months at the shelter he’s now in a loving foster home. You’d never guess he’s a senior, he looks great and has a good amount of energy. Buster is a happy dog, in spite of all the changes he’s been through. Buster weighs 35 pounds, and is neutered and up-to-date on shots. He has a chronic dry-eye condition, so he needs eyedrops twice a day. Buster’s a trooper, and is used to the routine. (He probably has a little vision loss, and we suspect some hearing loss too.) But, for a Beagle, the NOSE knows! Buster loves his walks and he LOVES to smell, smell, smell, and his tail wags, wags, wags! Buster even gets along with kids and dogs, and is also crate trained. Can you give this happy guy a forever home?

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