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Gracie & Jake

Well hello there! My name is Jake, and this here is my sister Gracie. We have had a lot of experiences in our five years together, but we’ve always had each other when things got scary. We had a nice place once, and a wonderful lady who cared about us. We loved her very much, and I just know she felt the same. Grace would sleep with her every night while I kept watch to make sure things were on the up and up! Over time, our nice lady got very forgetful, and the three of us had to move away. Off we went together, a long way away, into a big house with lots of people and doctors and nurses,  and we didn’t get to go outside much anymore. But Grace and I, we stayed right with our lady until she couldn’t care for us the way we cared for her. Nowadays, we’re in a great place with room to run outside! We learned to go for walks on leashes and to play and lay in the sunshine. We love it here, but we need a place to spend the rest of our lives together. We’re really nice, I promise! Grace is a little shy after all the bouncing around we’ve been through, but I know she’ll come around when we find a place to stay. We really like older kids- not the really small people, and cats just aren't our thing. Can we come crash at your place forever?

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