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This handsome boy is Gryffin! If you're patient and willing to get to know him, he will be your adoring best friend. He is a 4-year-old, 75-pound German Shorthair mix who is not immediately friendly to strangers, but warms up quickly if you throw his favorite toy. It's actually difficult to get photos of Gryffin without his squeaky chicken in his mouth! Gryffin has the most expressive eyes and his happy grin will melt your heart. He loves to play fetch, chase real birds out of the yard and of course, he enjoys a good butt scratching; but seriously, who doesn't?

His ideal home would have a fenced play area and someone who will spend time with him and keep him on a regular schedule. Gryffin currently uses a dog door and has never had an inside accident. Because he isn't immediately trusting of strangers, Gryffin would not do well in a high activity home or one with children. He does know his basic commands and generally ignores other dogs. He will bark at cats, so he likely wouldn't want to share a home with them.

Gryffin is a very sweet and loving dog who needs a good home. Is he a good match for you?


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