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Jack is a neutered, 7-month-old Australian Cattle dog, possibly Kelpie mix. He weighs about 20 lbs., so is not expected to be more than 35 lbs. at full size. This sweet guy loves being chased by his sister and going for walks. He enjoys watching wildlife and is learning to play fetch. His favorite things are small tennis balls, but he can’t be left alone with them, or he’ll eat all the fuzz off! Jack is friendly with people and other dogs. He is doing well with going outside to the bathroom, but just needs consistency from his humans. Jack knows how to sit and is a very smart boy. He walks well on a leash. This guy loves to cuddle and give kisses. Jack may bark at new people or other dogs, but if you sternly say, “No,” or use a squirt bottle to correct him, he will listen.

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