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Josie is prepared to give you a run for your money, so buckle up because this pup has already hit a few bumps in the road.

Thankfully, she found a trainer who understands resource guarding and this trainer is having some success with Josie. She likes other dogs, but we’re still recommending her as an only pet, preferably with no small children.

Josie is funny, playful, outgoing and knows several commands. She loves to run laps in the yard, is reliable with her house training, walks well on a leash and willingly sleeps in her kennel every night.

At 30 lbs. and just 9 months old, she’s almost fully grown. We’re calling her a Basset Hound/Shepherd Mix.

We’re seeking an experienced dog owner or someone willing to work with a trainer in Lincoln to make sure that Josie’s future is as bright as her recent past.

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