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Kira is a lively, 3-month-old Australian shepherd mix.  Being born blind hasn't slowed her down (unless she runs into a tree or a door) and she adapts very well to new situations. She knows only one direction--straight ahead! Kira loves smooching people and playing with kids and other dogs.


Kira came to us from a shelter that adopted out the rest of her litter, but the shelter knew we could take the time to find her a special home. Because she is so sweet and trusting, she can get into trouble without realizing it. She needs a family who can let her be a puppy while protecting her from dangerous situations, such as open stairs. An ideal home would be one with experience with blind animals, but that's not a requirement. She might do best in a home with another dog to follow around. Her hearing is good, although her sense of direction for sound isn't the best. Patience and love are richly rewarded by this pretty girl!

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