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Marty is loving foster care, but needs a furever home! He’s a heeler or cattle dog mix and weighs about 40 pounds, but since he’s still technically a puppy, he has a little growing left to do. Marty spent more than 5 months of his young life in a shelter because he needs a special home, willing to work with a mild case of Mega Esophagus. Feel free to google that, but don’t let it scare you… his is a mild and manageable version of the condition. He was born with it and it’s not something that can be fixed with surgery. Marty eats and mix of canned and dry food using an upright feeder to help with his digestion.


The shelter took great care of him and requested our help in placing him. Since moving into foster care, we have learned many things about him. First, he’s as curious as he is sweet. Second, he loves to play with a ball. Marty already knows a few commands, including: Sit, Wait, Down and Leave it. He likes other dogs as long as they don’t try to bully him. Marty does well with people and older kids, but he will chase a cat if it runs. He’s active during the day, but sleeps great at night. And once he’s asleep, he’s out like a light. Marty is house trained, but dislikes being in a kennel.


So, who wants to be first in line to meet Marty? The process starts by completing our online adoption application. You can also make a donation to help sponsor his adoption fee, which is negotiable for the right situation.

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