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Mason’s life took a wicked turn at 13 years of age, but things are looking up for him because of our amazing volunteers. You’ve heard the story before… a pet owner passes away without a plan, and, when family members can’t take the pet, he or she ends up in an animal shelter. However, in this case, that turned out to be a blessing, because he was later transferred to our organization and moved into one of our best foster homes. So now we’re seeking an adopter for Mason!

He’s listed as a Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix and he weighs about 18 lbs. His housetraining is solid as long as he’s kept on a consistent schedule. Mason loves to play with toys and he does not act his age, but he might do better with teenagers than young kids. He likes small dogs and does not seem to mind cats. Larger dogs might cause him to bark.

Mason can be nervous in new settings with strangers, so he’d love a low-traffic home where people are around and he’s not forced to travel much. He likes a routine and would prefer to spend his golden years napping and eating.

Health: Mason takes medication to help his gall bladder function better, but he does fine on stairs and doesn’t seem to have any significant hearing or sight deficiencies.

Our adoption fee is $200 for senior dogs and our life-time support option is included.

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