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According to the vet, Murphy is 5-6 years old and is a poodle mix or doodle of some unknown variety. He’s neutered now, crate trained and weighs between 40-45 lbs. Did we mention he has eye lashes for days?  He does howl when left alone, so NOT a great candidate for apartment life. Murphy is learning to walk on a leash and consistency is yielding great results. He’s smart and wants to please his people. His vocabulary is growing. He’s playful and shows a desire of wanting to play with other dogs, even if they are much smaller than him. Murphy will do stairs, but he stumbles and doesn’t seem familiar. He will require regular grooming and more frequent baths because his “aim” is so bad. He can be a bit on the needy side. But his curly coat is fun to pet, so whoever adopts is going to have a real love bug. He wants to be a lap dog and would easily knock down a small child.


We’d love to find an adopter who is home most of the time and is physically capable of bathing him. You need to have a towel or wet wipes ready when he goes out to potty, because he will sometimes soak his front legs (50-70% of the time). We hope this improves now that has been neutered, but no guarantees. It is a trait that will be a deal breaker for many homes, so please don’t apply unless you are prepared to accommodate and love him in spite of this flaw.

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