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Pepper is a 7-month-old, spayed female Australian Cattle Dog, possibly Kelpie mix. This sweet girl loves to run and go for walks. She weighs around 20 lbs., so should be less than 35 lbs., at full size. Her favorite thing is watching wildlife, especially rabbits. Pepper is shy at first, but warms up quickly. She’s mostly potty trained and knows she needs to go outside, but she sometimes forgets, so it’s important to remind her. She’s very smart and walks well on a leash, but if you’re going somewhere new you may have to encourage her to follow. When done burning her energy, she will cuddle and give you a hug and kisses. She especially loves being held like a baby and having her tummy rubbed. Pepper fears loud noises and barks at new people or new dogs. If you sternly say, “No,” or use a squirt bottle, she corrects easily. Free training is included if adopted in the Lincoln area.


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