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Have you seen the movie, A Man Called Otto? Well, this is our little Man Called Squeeky! And just like the character Tom Hanks plays in the film, he’s crusty, has a soft spot for cats, and it won’t take long for him to worm his way into your heart.

In fact, Squeeky and his kinky left ear have a second lease on life! He’s 12 and feeling better with heart medication and joint support, but he recently lost his person to an assisted living arrangement. Squeeky has shown us he’s got spunk and potential as a lounge lizard. So very typical for a chiweenie! He’d love to find a low-traffic home willing to provide short walks or if you have a fence, periodic let outs. Squeeky weighs 18 lbs., and would be fine if you have a cat, but he’d really prefer no other dogs and no young children. He’s house trained and has done well in foster care. Did we mention he likes stuffed toys? To learn more, message us at: or apply online.

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