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Talk about handsome! Timber is practically knocking us over with his good looks!

Sadly, Timber’s story is one we hear practically every day. At just 2 years old, his people signed him over and walked away. Then we found out he was heartworm positive, but that only made us more determined to help him. Luckily, our donors make it possible to save those at high risk of being put down, and we had a new foster home apply at just the right time.

Treatment has gone well. He is spunky, goofy, playful, loyal, loving and so, so sweet. He wants to cuddle and be by your side, always. Timber loves to play with toys, give shakes and go for walks. He's 3-years-old, neutered, and weighs 55 pounds. He is crate trained and not as vocal as his breed can often be. Timber also does well with small dogs, young kids, and 4 foot fences. In other words, he's one GREAT dog!  This guy won't be available for long - if you're a good match, complete an adoption application today!

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