Have you ever heard the old saying “If you see a Trail, take it”? It means that you should explore new things and add some adventure to your life. I’m Trail and I promise to add some spark to your life if you’re looking for a new adventure. I’m a Vizsla and in November, I’ll be 6 years old, so I’m past that “puppy chewing on everything and having accidents in the house’ stage.  I’m fine sleeping in my crate as long as it’s big enough for all 60 pounds of me.  I prefer a home without young children, because I do best when I know who is in charge.  Give me a good routine and consistent rules and I’ll be happy to stick to it and become part of your family. I’m all up-to-date on everything and I even have a microchip, so I’m a high tech kind of guy!  I’m not a dog to go hunting with you, but I do enjoy going after birds that invade my yard. I might be willing to share my space with another dog, but you’ll need to give me some time to get to know them. I’ve lived around outdoor cats before and we had a mutual respect to stay away from each other, which worked out well. So if you are ready to start a new adventure, I’d love to be a part of it.

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