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Trail is a seven-year-old Vizsla mix. Yes, it’s true. We have about 60 pounds of Trail mix looking for a home or a foster! He's neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, crate-trained, and knows his basic commands. Trail has been through training and needs a consistent routine which includes daily exercise and reinforcement of his training.  His foster or adoptive home should not have children who live in the home, but other pets would be okay, as long as none are birds! Trail is cautious of new things and can be overly affectionate to the point of being pushy. The goal of his training is to provide structure and boundaries that Trail will follow and this will also help build his confidence in himself and his handler. If you're looking for a handsome dog with a lot of personality AND are willing to continue to reinforce his training, Trail could be the one. This sweet boy is just waiting for his person who will love him and take him on walks. Is it you?

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